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Steel classified by use
Jun 03, 2016

1. pipes the pipes. Such as: water, gas pipes, steam pipes, seamless pipes, oil pipelines, oil and gas line pipes. Agricultural irrigation water tap with pipes and sprinkler pipe, and so on.

2. tubes for thermal equipment. As boiler tubes in boiling water and superheated steam tube locomotive boiler superheat tube, big pipes, small pipes, arched brick pipe and high pressure boiler tubes, and so on.

3. mechanical tubes for industrial use. Aviation structural tubing (pipe, oval tube, flat oval tube), automobile half shaft, axle tube, tractor oil, automobile and tractor structure pipe used for cooling tubes, the use of square tube and rectangle tube, pipe and tubes for use in bearings used in transformers, etc.

4. petroleum and geological drilling pipe. Such as: oil drill pipe, drill (Kelly and the hexagonal shaft), drilling, oil tubing, casing and various fittings, geological drilling pipe (core tube, casing, active drill pipe, drill collar, according to the Hoop and pins etc).

5. tubes for use in the chemical industry. Such as: oil cracking pipes, chemical equipment and piping of the heat exchanger tubes, stainless and acid-resistant tube, tube for high pressure pipe for fertilizer as well as for chemical mediums.

6. pipe for other sectors. Example: container tubes (tubes and containers for high pressure gas cylinders), instrumentation tube, watch casing tubes, needles and tubes for medical devices, etc.

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