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The general structure of steel pipe standard
Jun 03, 2016

Production of cut lengths than usual length tubes yield declines greatly producers proposed fare increases are reasonable. Increases businesses differ, based on general price 10% or so.

C, multiple lengths: multiple lengths should typically range in length, single length and structure to be given contracts total length a multiple of (for example, 3000mmx3, 3000mm 3 times, and total length is 9000mm). In practice, should be based on the total length and allow positive 20mm, plus every single length should be cut allowances. Structural pipe, for example, provides cutting allowance: outside diameter ≤ 159mm 5~10MM; >159mm od 10~15mm.

If standard when there is no length deviations and cutting allowances should be set by supply and demand and indicated in the contract is being negotiated. Multiple lengths as in the specified length, will bring to the production yield has decreased so manufacturers proposed a fare increase is reasonable, its fare increases with length increases are basically the same.

D length, scope: the scope of usual length range in length, when a user requests a range of fixed length, the need indicated in the contract.

For example, typically of length 3000~12000mm, and the range specified length for 6000~8000mm or 8000~10000mm.

Visible range than the fixed length and a double length length loose, but usually increases the length a lot, also brings to the production yield reduction. So manufacturers proposed a fare increase is justified, 4% or so on its fare increase in the base price.

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