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Anticorrosion Treatment Of Steel Pipe By Special Process
Sep 11, 2017

Steel pipe plays an important and different role in people's Daily life, steel pipe generally refers to the use of special technology for ordinary steel pipe anti-corrosion treatment, so that the steel pipe has a certain corrosion resistance, generally is used for waterproofing, rust, acid and alkali, oxidation and other characteristics, generally referred to as PE pipe refers to polyethylene steel pipe, Is the use of advanced science and technology processing of tubular goods, PE steel pipe widely used in oil, natural gas, urban gas, urban water supply, Steel Pipes coal water slurry transportation pipelines and so on.

According to the different requirements can also be used to the internal and external walls of the anti-corrosion measures corresponding to the common main has epoxy coal tar pitch steel pipe, Steel Pipes polyurethane paint anti-corrosion, IPN8710 diversion pipeline anti-corrosion non-toxic Coatings anti-corrosion polymer coatings, steel pipe wall cement mortar anti-corrosion, etc., steel pipe is mainly used in special requirements or harsh environment in the field of engineering.

Steel pipe refers to a steel pipe which is processed by anti-corrosion process and can effectively prevent or mitigate the corrosion of chemical or electrochemical reactions occurring during transportation and use. Steel Pipes According to China's statistical data, the annual corrosion of steel pipe direct economic loss of more than 280 billion, the current global corrosion loss of steel pipe as high as 500 billion U.S. dollars. Steel pipe can effectively prevent or slow the corrosion prolong the service life of steel pipe and reduce the running cost of steel pipe. The characteristics of steel pipe, corrosion-resistant, do not leak, high toughness, Steel Pipes with excellent flexibility, with good resistance to scratch ability, a good rapid crack transfer resistance, in a steel pipe service life, in the environment of more than 60 degrees Celsius can make more than 50 years of life.

In addition to improving the service life of steel pipe through anticorrosion, the concrete also shows in the following aspects:

1, combined with the mechanical strength of steel pipe and plastic corrosion resistance in one.

2, outer wall coating up to 2. More than 5mm, scratch, withstand bump.

3, the inner wall friction coefficient is small, 0.0081-0.091, Steel Pipes reduce energy consumption.

4. The inner wall reaches the national health standard.

5. The inner wall is smooth and easy to scale and has self-cleaning function.

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