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Basis Pumping Classification
Jun 03, 2016

Pump of type range, by work principle can is divided into: ① power type pump, and called impeller type pump or leaves type pump, relies on rotating of impeller on liquid of power role, put energy continuous to passed to liquid, makes liquid of kinetic energy (mainly) and pressure can increased, then through pressure out room will kinetic energy conversion for pressure can, and can is divided into centrifugal pump, and axis flow pump, and part flow pump and vortex pump,. Secondly, positive displacement pump, relying on the inclusion of liquid seal space volume changes periodically, periodically passed to energy liquid, the liquid pressure to force the liquid out, according to the working components of the motion can be divided into reciprocating pump and rotary pumps. ③ other types of pumps, other forms of energy. Jet pumps rely on the high-speed jets of fluid required transmission fluid after inhalation of pump mixing, momentum Exchange to transfer energy; water hammer in pump brake flow passing part of the water is up to a certain height in energy electrical pump is powered by a liquid metal transportation achieved under the action of electromagnetic flow. In addition, the pumped liquid can also be properties, driving method, structure, use of classification.

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