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Maintenance Of Steel Pipe
Oct 09, 2017

Steel production technology development time is very early, technology is also a step by step progress, the use of the place is more and more, in our lives is more and more important, choose a good steel pipe is also very important.

Steel technology, the development of production technology began in the rise of bicycle manufacturing and the early 19th century oil development, after the Second World War, Steel Pipes the manufacture of thermal power boilers, the development of chemical industry and oil and gas drilling and transportation, Are strong to promote the steel industry in the variety, yield and quality of the development.

Steel pipe is not only used to transport fluid and powdery solid, exchange heat, manufacture mechanical parts and containers, it is also an economic steel. With steel pipe manufacturing building structure grid, pillars and mechanical support, can reduce the weight, save metal 20 ~ 40%, Steel Pipes and can realize the mechanization of factory construction. , The use of steel pipe manufacturing bridge not only can save steel, simplify the construction, and can greatly reduce the area of protective coating, saving investment and maintenance costs.

Cleaning and maintenance of steel pipe

1, clean water

Water is washed with water rinse the inner wall of steel pipe, but for those attached to the steel pipe wall of calcium and magnesium ion scale, biological sludge and other impurities can not be completely removed, the effect is not obvious.

2, syrup cleaning

Potion is added in the water chemical reagents, but the chemical composition of the steel pipe is corrosive, Steel Pipes but also shorten the life of the pipe is a dry Ze and fishing practices, undesirable.

3, physical cleaning

Now on the market, the working principle of this cleaning is basically compressed air as a driving force, the use of the transmitter to the steel pipe in the launch of a larger than the diameter of the special projectile, so that the high-speed movement along the pipe wall and full friction, Steel Pipes Clean the inner wall of the pipe. This way the cleaning effect is obvious, the pipeline is basically no harm, is by far the most thorough way of cleaning.

Steel pipe purchase skills

1, select the color uniform uniform, inside and outside the wall smooth, flat, no bubbles, sag, impurities and other surface defects affect the performance.

2, depends on the product logo is complete, the steel pipe should be the name of the manufacturer or trademark, production date, product name, size, the implementation of standard number, steel pipe should have product name, nominal diameter, tube series S, Write to be clear, Steel Pipes and check whether the logo is consistent with the actual.

3, should buy the same brand of pipe and pipe fittings, due to different brands of raw materials may not be the same, the pipe fittings will have a negative impact welding, long-term use will cause leakage at the weld.

4, good steel pipe strength is high but not hit does not break, Steel Pipes so can not break through to determine the quality of steel pipe. As the impact resistance of steel pipe is better than the real steel pipe, so easy to smash the steel pipe, smashing is not broken is often steel.

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