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PETROL STEEL CO.,TD Spot Stock Supply, Specification, Complete
Jul 21, 2017

PETROL STEEL CO., TD professional to provide seamless steel pipe industry, seamless steel pipe online procurement, the company sales agent steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, fluid pipe, structural pipe, low pressure boiler tube, high pressure boiler tube, oil cracking pipe, Hydraulic pillars and so on. Seamless steel pipe company adequate inventory, customers with specifications with the spot, special materials and non-standard steel pipe can be ordered production, the products are widely used in transportation, pipelines, bridges, towers, rollers, engineering pillars. Companies with good reputation, high-quality products known throughout the world.

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When the emerging industry began to develop the deployment, there is the national industrial policy support and protection, this time the low threshold of approval, market access is easy, and often lack of supervision, which led to disorderly competition, if the project investment amount is huge. Some places on the pursuit of GDP growth in the role of local GDP stimulated for a new round of overcapacity and redundant construction prepared a breeding ground. China's overcapacity problem gradually emerged, "to production capacity" for two consecutive years by the central side of the supply side of the structural reform of the primary task. 2017 years, to the task is still arduous task. In addition to steel, coal industry, the high energy-consuming industries and with mineral resources, infrastructure construction-related industries is to focus on production capacity.

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Cooperation. In the "new" aspects of the introduction of talent and other ways not only will consolidate the current results to the production capacity, but also can form a more rational and more effective capacity growth mechanism. Such as manganese, molybdenum, nickel, ge, alum, titanium, niobium, boron, lead, rare earth and the like, which are called alloy steel systems of alloy steel, with their respective resource conditions, production and use conditions Different and different foreign countries have developed nickel, Ge steel system, China is found to silicon, manganese, vanadium, titanium, niobium, boron.

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Breakdown of high-pressure alloy pipe downstream demand, automotive, white home appliances demand has hit a higher level in the early, the latter continued to rise in the limited space, due to sluggish exports, machinery manufacturing slow recovery, shipbuilding market is still in the doldrums, infrastructure needs In the first half of a large number of release, has been reflected in the relevant high-pressure alloy tube varieties of the return of the price, follow-up investment to keep up with to be observed. Can not be confused. Alloy tube is a seamless tube, although not talk, but the seamless tube is included in the alloy tube. Alloy tube is the steel pipe in accordance with the production of materials (that is, material) to define, as the name suggests is the alloy pipe; and seamless pipe is in accordance with the production process (seamless) to define.

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