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Pump Application
Jun 03, 2016

In agricultural production, the pump is the main irrigation and drainage machinery. Rural China is vast, and requires a lot of pumps in rural areas each year, generally agricultural pump pump output by more than half.

In the mining and metallurgical industry, pumps are most used equipment. Mine need to pump drainage, mineral processing, smelting and rolling process, will need to pump for water supply.

In the electricity sector, the nuclear power plants need nuclear primary pump and the secondary pump, triple pumps, thermal power plant requires a lot of boiler feed-water pump, condensate pumps, gas-oil multiphase pump pumps, circulating pumps, and ash.

In the construction of national defense, regulation of aircraft wing flaps, rudder and landing gears, warships and tanks turret rotation, the ups and downs of the submarine and other need to pump. High pressure and radioactive liquids, and some also require a pump without any leakage.

In short, whether aircraft, rockets, tanks, submarines, or drilling, mining, trains, ships, or daily life, everywhere need to pump, pump running everywhere. As such, so the pump as a universal machine, which is a main product of machinery industry.

Motor pumps, namely, electric driven pump. Electric pumps are pumps, ascending pipe, pumps, submersible Motors (including cable) and Starter protection device and so on. The working parts of the pump is a submersible pump, inlet pipes, water conservancy diversion shell, check valve, pump shaft and impellers and other parts. Fixing of the impeller on the shaft in two different ways.

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