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Pump Applications
Jun 03, 2016

From the performance perspective, giant pump flow can reach hundreds of thousands of cubic metres per hour or more, but in dozens of micro-pump flow per hour ml below pump pressure pressure up to 19.61Mpa (200kgf/cm2); minimum liquid temperature up to-200 degrees Celsius, up to a maximum of 800 degrees Celsius. A wide variety of pumping liquids, such as water (water, sewage, etc), oil, acid and alkali, suspensions, and liquid metal, and so on.

In agricultural production, the pump is the main irrigation and drainage machinery. Broad rural sites, requires a lot of pumps in rural areas each year, generally agricultural pump pump output by more than half.

In the shipbuilding industry, every pump used on ocean-going vessels in more than hundred, is also a wide range of its type. Others such as urban water supply and drainage, water for steam locomotives, machine tool lubrication of conveyor and cooling, the textile industry and bleaching liquid transporting pulp and dyes, paper industry, as well as transporting foods such as milk and sugar in the food industry, are required to have a large number of pumps.

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