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Pump Efficiency Method
Jun 03, 2016

Water pump working process, flow of water in the pump and flow and friction on the surface of the pump impeller and the effect of viscosity of water itself, consumed by the pump energy is mainly used for water flowing on the surface of friction, Eddy current resistance. Water flows in the energy expended in the process (head loss) is used to overcome friction and the friction of water and device interface. If the pump and impeller, smooth surface (the surface called a water smooth surface) surface resistance smaller, consume less energy. In pump had flow surface and impeller Shang spray polymer material, makes its surface formed hydraulic smooth surface, super smooth surface coating surface finish is after polishing Hou stainless steel of 20 times times, this very smooth of surface reduced has pump within fluid of layered, to reduced pump internal turbulent flow, reduced has pump within of volume loss and hydraulic loss, reduced has power consumption, reached reduced flow resistance loss of purpose, to improve pump of hydraulic efficiency, while in must degree Shang also can improve mechanical efficiency and volume efficiency. Molecular structure of coating density, to isolate the media such as air, water, and water pump impeller baseplate contacts, minimizes electro-chemical corrosion and rust. In addition, the essence is polymer polymer composites, with resistance to chemical corrosion, improves the corrosion resistance of the pump, which can greatly enhance the pumping ability to resist erosion and corrosion resistance. With excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance, so if a small solid particle medium contact with pump and shock, you can play very good abrasion resistance and a cushion.

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