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Pump Layout Requirements
Jun 03, 2016

Pump layout requirements

(1) open or semi-open layout of the pump, the pump and prime mover of the axis and perpendicular to the axis of the pipe rack.

(2) for the interior decoration of the pump, when the liquid temperature is higher than the natural point or when the transmission fluid is a liquid hydrocarbon, and each of the other pumps are arranged clutter the room, and separated by a firewall.

Pumping arrangement indoors, generally do not consider the access requirements of mobile repair vehicles.

Pump or pump clearance between side and the wall should not be less than 1.2~1.5M, spacing between two rows of pumps should not be less than 2m. Power of steam reciprocating pump and pump side should be left taking the position of the piston and rod.

Vertical pump underneath the layout below the pipe Gallery or frame, the top should be left out of the pump body of space required for installation and maintenance.

Space required for maintenance of a centrifugal pump. Piping layout, the sides of the pump must be at least set aside one repair.

Other types of space required for maintenance of the pump.

Second, the arrangement of pumps

(1) open arrangement generally centralized arrangement in the pipe gallery below or to the side or disposed complex near pumping equipment, the main advantage is well ventilated, convenient operation and maintenance. Pump pipe Gallery layout hybrid below, center line of the pump outlet should be aligned from center line of pipe columns 0.6m.

(2) half open and half outdoor design layout of pump is suitable for wet areas, usually in the pipe Gallery layout below pump, in the upper part of the pipe is located at the ceiling. Or pump placed in the lower frame on the ground, with the roof Framework platform. According to the layout requirements of the pump, remove the pump layout into a single row, double row or multi-row.

(3) interior decoration interior decoration of the pump for cold or sandy areas, places with special requirements and process.

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