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Pump Selection Based On
Jun 03, 2016

1. Flow is one of the most important performance data for the selected pump, it is directly related to the unit of production capacity and transmission capacity. Design of design institutes can work out the pump, minimum, maximum, three flow. When choosing a pump, according to the maximum flow, taking into account the normal flow, when in the absence of the largest, is usually preferable to 1.1 times times the normal flow for maximum flow.

2. System for required lift is another important performance data for the selected pump, used to enlarge margins to lift after the selection.

3. Liquid nature, including liquid media name, physical properties, chemical nature and other nature, physical properties has temperature c density d, stick degrees u, media in the solid particles diameter and gas of content,, this involves system of head, effective gas corrosion allowance calculation and right pump of type: chemical nature, main refers to liquid media of chemical corrosion sex and toxicity, is selection pump material and selection that a axis seal type type of important according to.

4. Pipeline layout refers to the condition of the system is sending fluid to send sending fluid liquid height distance, such as minimum liquid level, from the highest level some data, materials, fittings and piping specifications and length specifications, quantity, and so on, to head calculation and check the NPSH of the system.

5. Content many of the operating conditions, such as liquid, suction side pressure saturated steam operation t p PS (absolute), discharge side PZ container pressure, altitude, ambient temperature is a gap or a continuous operation, location of the pump is fixed or removable.

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