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Pump Works
Jun 03, 2016

Installation of the impeller in the pump casing, and tighten the pump shaft 3, shaft driven directly by the motor. Center the pump casing is a liquid inhalation 4 and 5 connection of suction tube. Liquid through the valve 6 and at the end of the suction pipe into the pump. Liquid outlet on the pump housing 8 connected with the discharge pipe 9.

Before starting the pump, fill the pump casing is transmission fluid; after the impeller shaft high speed rotation, liquids must also be between the blade turning. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid was thrown to the outer edge and gain energy from the impeller Center, leaving the outside edge of the impeller with high speed into the volute pump casing. In the volute, due to the flow of the liquid gradually slowed down, and some of the kinetic energy into pressure, and finally at high pressure into the discharge pipe, sending it to the needed place. Liquid flow from the center of the impeller when the outer edge, in the Center to form a certain vacuum impeller, since tank pressure above the liquid surface is greater than the pump inlet pressure, the liquid is continuously pressed into the impeller. Obviously, as long as the constantly rotating impeller, the liquid will continue to be inhalation and discharged.

Linear pump works differently than any other pump, is the use of magnetic levitation principle and spiral-ring structure of fluid mechanics fluid propulsion, namely the withdrawal of axis, cancel the shaft connection, cancel the shaft seal. Startup current into a magnetic field and magnetic force drives the screw ring operation, namely, screw ring for lifting liquid.

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