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Seamless Steel Pipe
Jul 18, 2016

(Company'sannual production pipeΦ219-920,Thermal expansion seamless steel pipe 60,000 tons

,Φ14-168 Small-diameter seamless steel pipe 100,000 tons,Φ219-2520 Spiral Double-sided submerged arc welding steel pipe 200,000 tons ,Φ57/377 Hot-rolledseamless steel pipe 200,000 tons,Φ57/630 Alloy seamless steel pipe 200,000 tons,Φ14-1020 Stainless steel pipe 200,000 tons,Boiler accessories 200,000 ton. Annual exports of American Standard Pipe,German standard steel pipe,Chinesestandard pipe,Japanese standardsteel pipe,Products are exported to the United States,Italy,Malaysia,Korea,Kuwait,Czech Republic,Indonesia,Hong Kong,India,Iran,Singapore and other countries in the world.)

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