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Seamless Steel Pipe Finished Product Inspection Items Which?
Sep 11, 2017

PETROL STEEL CO., LTD (SHORT NAME PESCO) .As a outstanding corporation, production lines locates in china, branch offices located in over 10 countries, engaged in offering a wide assortment of industrial steel pipes, pipes accessories, superalloys, rare earth alloys , industrial equipment in relations with - oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, aviation industry, metallurgy, machinery, building and construction etc.

Finished seamless steel pipe after finishing the inspection department for product quality inspection, which is to ensure that the quality of seamless steel pipe factory an important measure. Inspection standards and content by the national standards and some standards or technical conditions.

Finished seamless steel pipe inspection can be spotted and all. Checkability inspection is generally to determine the mechanical properties of seamless steel pipe, internal organization and chemical composition. Seamless steel pipe in addition to a number of samples in the inspection, some important use of seamless steel pipe sometimes have to conduct all the inspection. In addition, hot-rolled seamless steel pipe according to the standard requirements but also for flattening, bending, curling and flaring and other technical tests and water pressure test.

Seamless steel pipe inside and outside the surface quality of each root must be used or special equipment to check. Of course, the simplest method of inspection is artificial naked eye inspection, but need to take a lot of manpower and heavy labor, easy to go wrong, it is not easy to achieve mechanization and automation. The use of non-invasive inspection methods is both manpower and reliable, can be mechanized and automated; so access to a wide range of development.

Seamless steel pipe geometric size of the past, also used manual inspection, in recent years widely used automatic measuring instruments, such as thickness, light pulse caliper and so on. These measurements of seamless steel pipe size of the instrument, not only for the finished product inspection, but also can be placed on the process line as a monitoring measurement, which is easy in the rolling process effective and timely control of seamless steel pipe size tolerance , Thereby improving the accuracy of geometrical dimensions of seamless steel tubes and reducing the size of the defective defective.

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