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Steel Pipe In The Daily Life Of The Application Is Very Extensive
Oct 27, 2017


The development of steel pipe production technology began in the rise of bicycle manufacturing, the development of oil in the early 19th century, the manufacture of ships, boilers and aircraft during the two world wars, the manufacture of thermal power boilers after the Second World War, Steel Pipes the development of chemical industry, Oil and gas drilling and transportation, are strong to promote the steel industry in the variety, yield and quality of the development.

Steel pipe wall thickness is relatively thick, diameter is relatively small. But the diameter is limited, its application is also limited, and production costs, especially large diameter seamless steel pipe production costs are relatively high.

Steel pipe is not only used to transport fluid and powdery solid, exchange heat, Steel Pipes manufacture mechanical parts and containers, it is also an economic steel. With steel pipe manufacturing building structure grid, pillars and mechanical support, can reduce the weight, save metal 20 ~ 40%, Steel Pipes and can realize the mechanization of factory construction. Manufacture of road bridges with steel pipes not only saves steel, simplifies construction, but also greatly reduces the area of coated protective coatings, saving investment and maintenance costs.

Steel pipe in the daily life of the application is very broad, do not know if you have not noticed it and other steel pipe has many different places, first of all higher quality than other similar steel pipe, Steel Pipes the application is also more extensive. The most significant is the characteristics of steel.

Shape Standard diversity: through the planning of different shapes of the mold, cold out of different cross-sectional shape, not the same standard public service steel pipe, point of view can be planned into right angle or rounded corners.

High precision point of view: the use of high-quality carbide mold and a professional modifier staff. Steel Pipes To ensure that the official service is accurate and consistent. This shape is conducive to the selection of steel pipe, often so save a lot of trouble. Appearance lubrication: the leading cold kneading technology makes the appearance of steel pipe lubrication bright. Looks good is the first wish of customers to buy.

Many of the savings: cold-drawn technology is the original data cold-kneading deformation to achieve the desired shape, standard and the cost of the original data is very small. Steel Pipes Relative to the use of traditional lathe machine processing and cutting of the consumption of information, the data saved by the steel pipe on the extraordinary, especially when the data usage of large data cost savings is more obvious.

Processing time processing machinery conservation: due to accurate precision appearance in good condition, steel pipe products can be used directly, such as spraying, sanding, bending, turning hole can also be refined according to the actual needs of direct plating, Steel Pipes eliminating a lot of machine processing time savings Equipment processing machinery costs.

Steel pipe according to its manufacturing method is divided into two kinds of seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe. Seamless steel pipe made of high quality carbon steel or alloy steel, hot-rolled, cold-rolled (pull) of the points. The welded steel pipe is made of welded steel pipe with welded or welded seam. Steel Pipes In the manufacturing method, the welded steel pipe is divided into welded steel pipe for low pressure fluid transportation, spiral welded steel pipe, direct welded steel pipe and welded pipe. Seamless steel pipe can be used for a variety of liquids, gas pipes and so on. Welding pipes can be used for water pipes, gas pipelines, heating pipes and so on.

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