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Steel Pipe Realizes The Mechanization Construction Of Factory
Oct 18, 2017

The steel pipe is not only used for conveying fluid and powdery solids, exchanging heat, making mechanical parts and containers, it is also an economic steel. Using steel tube to make structure truss, pillar and mechanical bracket can reduce weight, save metal $number, and realize factory mechanized construction.

The steel tube has good corrosion resistance to fresh water, Steel Pipes high mechanical strength, strong resistance to flexibility, easy processing, smooth inner surface, not easy to knot scale, beauty

The use of steel pipe to make highway bridges can save steel and simplify construction, and can greatly reduce the area of coating layer and save investment and maintenance cost. Therefore, Steel Pipes any other type of steel can not completely replace the steel pipe, but the steel pipe may replace some sections and rods. Steel Pipe has a great relationship with the development of national economy and the quality of human life, which is far better than other steel. From the people's Daily utensils, furniture, water supply and drainage, gas, Steel Pipes ventilation and heating facilities to a variety of agricultural equipment manufacturing, underground resources development, defense and aerospace use of guns, bullets, missiles, rockets, etc. can not be separated from steel pipe.

The use of steel tubes to make ring parts, can improve the utilization of materials, simplify manufacturing processes, saving materials and processing hours, such as rolling bearing rings, Jack sets, etc., has been widely used steel pipe to make. Steel pipe or a variety of conventional weapons indispensable materials, barrel, barrel, etc. to be made of steel pipe. The different shape of the cross-section of the steel pipe can be divided into round pipe and shaped tube. As the circumference is equal, the circle area is the largest, Steel Pipes and more fluids can be transported with a circular tube. In addition, the ring section under the internal or external radial pressure, the force is more uniform, so most of the pipe is round pipe. However, the circular tube also has certain limitations, Steel Pipes such as in the plane bending conditions, the round pipe is not as square, rectangular tube bending strength, some agricultural machinery skeleton, steel wood furniture, such as common square, rectangular tube. Special shaped steel tubes with different cross-section shapes are also required for various purposes.

The weight of the steel pipe is $number. 25xπx (outer diameter square-inner diameter square) XLX steel proportion among them: π= 3. l= steel pipe length steel proportion 7.8 So, the weight of the steel pipe $number. 14x (Outside diameter square-inner diameter square) 25x3.8 * If the dimension unit takes the meter (m) The calculated weight results in kg (kg)

The material used in steel pipe is Q235 and Q345, such as φ89x3.0 the diameter of the steel tube is 89 mm and the wall thickness of the steel pipe is 3 mm

Specification model of Steel pipe:

GB3639 "cold drawn or cold-rolled precision seamless steel tube" 2.6 mark for example: with $number steel manufacturing the outside diameter of 51 mm, Steel Pipes the inner diameter of 30 mm cold processing/hard cold-rolled precision seamless steel tube, its mark is: Fine rolling secret 20-∮51x∮30y-gb3639

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