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The General Trend Of The Development Of Steel Pipe Industry In The World
Aug 28, 2017

Steel pipe (Steel pipe production technology development began with the rise of the bicycle manufacturing, development of oil in the early years of the 19th century, during the two world wars ships, boiler, aircraft manufacturing, after the second world war thermal power boiler manufacturing, chemical industry and the development of oil and gas drilling and transportation, effectively driving the Steel pipe industry in the development of varieties, yield and quality.

Steel pipes are not only used for conveying fluids and powdery solids, exchanging heat energy, manufacturing machinery parts and containers, but also an economic steel.It can reduce the weight, save metal 20 ~ 40%, and realize the mechanized construction of factory.Using steel pipe to make highway bridge can save steel, simplify construction, and can greatly reduce the area of coating, save investment and maintenance cost.

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The general trend of the development of the world steel pipe industry is that spiral welded pipe growth faster than seamless steel pipe, spiral welded pipe production is far greater than the seamless steel pipe. Around the seamless pipe; spiral welded pipe hot-dip galvanized pipe, spiral welded pipe ERW in the production of the dominant position, and in the use of long-distance pipeline of oil and natural gas pipeline, submerged arc welded pipe and urban gas pipeline field, spiral submerged arc welded pipe For the market.

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1. compared to the ordinary open section steel, in the form of circular tube and square (torque) section has a smooth surface, no dead Angle and appearance characteristics of the area is small, spiral steel pipe, to save the anti-corrosion and fireproof coatings, large diameter spiral pipe, gb for dust removal.

2. The wind resistance coefficient of the pipe section is small, and the large diameter spiral steel pipe factory has obvious advantages when exposed to the fluid (such as wind and water flow).

3. The internal space of steel pipe structure is available.For example, filling concrete steel pipe can not only improve the bearing capacity of the components, but also extend the fire resistance limit of the components.The internal water cycle can be used for fire prevention.

4. The pipeline can transmit liquid, large diameter spiral steel tube quotation, which has been developed in accordance with the characteristics of oil pipeline bridge, drainage pipe and so on.

5. The prestressing cable can also be placed in the pipe and the internal prestressing can be applied.

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