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Whats the hot rolled seamless pipes?
Jul 20, 2016

Hot-rolled steel seamless steel pipes: hot-rolled is relative to the cold rolling, which is below recrystallization temperature, while the hot rolling is above recrystallization temperature .Hot rolling can destruct ingot casting organization, refine the grain, and eliminate steel microstructure defects, which make the steel organization close-grained, and make mechanical properties improved. This improvement mainly reflects in rolling direction along, thus making the steel products in certain extent no longer isotropic body; bubbles, crack and loose produced in pouring also can be seamed under high temperature and pressure.


Hot-rolled steel seamless steel pipes Manufacturing process:


billet cutting- billet rolling - heating - piercing - three rollers skew rolling, rolling or extrusion - sizing - cooling - straightening - hydrostatic testing (or testing) - marking - stocking.

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